This time it's not organized by theme, just a kind of "recent Myst art that made me go 'oo!'" thing :)

narcomanic's idea of personifying the D'ni as a people--really fascinating symbolism

Age Crest for Asraniel's Age of Sannea

JohannesVIII's hilarious "You know you're a Myst fan when..." and other Myst Randomness

SolarShine's fantastic concept art for the age of Na'yeleh: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

(ETA: Another fan made a small-scale physical model based on the island at Fictional Relics. Fanart inspired by fanart!)

owen-c's illustration of a Writer's desk

LostThyme's portrait of adult Yeesha "as she should have been". I'm not sure I agree that Yeesha "should have been" this way--I kind of like her weird/badass persona in Uru. But it's definitely an interesting portrait.

That's it for now... oh, also! Myst Online is available to play for free now, and Cyan is working on both getting the engine to be open-source and allowing fan-created content into the game. I've made an account and played through the game content, but I don't tend to sign on a lot now that I've run out of things to do... what about the rest of you?