Shorah. =) Newcomer here.

I have been recently working on studying the D'ni language. It is a beautiful language to both speak and write having just enough poetry and just enough art to it to make it worth while. Though D'ni is based very much on Hebrew, the two languages have distinct differences.

I guess it is a tad bit of an obsessive thing to do, to learn to speak and write D'ni. But, hey, we're all about making it real, right? ^_^

If you are at all interested in learning to speak D'ni, if you by some chance have never before though of it or cared to put the time in, then I would suggest starting with The D'ni Student, brought to you by the lovely D’ni Linguistic Fellowship.
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Shorah! I've yet to fully learn the language, but I've been poking at it off and on (including some calligraphy practice many years ago). One thing I'm searching for is a list of nifty-sounding D'ni phrases and sentences to etch into metal (when I have time, hopefully next month). Let me know what your favorites are!

The correspondence between the numbers and the letters is something I just recently wrapped my head around and went "o_O" about.