It's Capella again, this time talking about Mysterium 2011. This year it's held in Boston, on the 5th to the 7th of August. More details can be found here, for those who are curious. I know I'm attending, is anyone else?

I wanted to show off some of the event prizes that are going to be given. They can be found on deviantART, both at e-derby's personal gallery and at the myst-fandom collective one.

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From the Mystlore article on Gehn:

[Gehn] saw himself as the last of a race of gods: whereas Atrus came to believe that writing merely linked to existing worlds, Gehn saw the act of writing as that of creating a world, and thus, ultimately, its people. That he had, as he thought, "created" the worlds of which he wrote gave him, he believed, not only the ability to rule and control them, but the right.

To me, that's a pretty good encapsulation of the colonizing mindset: that the world does not exist until the colonizer "discovers" it, and that the act of discovering it gives him the right to do what he wants with it.

Without further ado, on to the picspam! Remember, most of these are available at higher resolution on deviantart if you click on them :)

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I really like the star fissure--both visually and thematically. I thought that the way it tied together the beginning of Myst with the end of Riven was brilliant :)

(Ideally I'd like to include more discussion in my link roundups, but I'm fighting a cold right now and would rather get things moving than wait until I have the brainpower to come up with more eloquent things to say.)

Comm business: I'm putting some links to good fan resources like MystLore in the links list of this community. I've tweaked the style for the comm a bit as well--please let me know if there's anything that looks weird on someone's computer. Oh, and the comm now has 6 Myst/Riven icons--feel free to use them yourself (with credit to the original creator).