Shorah! I'm Capella, and [personal profile] rivenwanderer has graciously added me as a co-mod to the community. I'm pleased to meet everyone here.

Today I'd like to talk about Myst Online: Uru Live again, or MO:ULa or just plain Uru Live or Uru if you're lazy like me. I'd like to know who's playing, what their contact info is, and what they like to do in the game.

My avatar's name is Capella, KI #191882, and I'm a member of the MYSTCommunity Bevin.

It's the hood for members of the MC forum, as its name might indicate. We have gatherings every now and then, and if people are interested I can post advance notice here; just because the hood is dominantly for MCers doesn't mean others can't come chill at the gatherings.

I really love seeing D'ni, like many others I imagine. One of my favorite activities is to be in-character. It doesn't get to happen often, but when I can kick back and pretend I'm really doing all of these things with others for a few hours, it's so much fun. There's a few other MCers who like to stay almost totally IC when we gather, and that helps add to it. Plus, there's some fun forum interaction. Over on MC here I made a thread about how the cannen music is following me. This stemmed from a bug I happened to discover, but I managed to spin it in an IC way, and I've had a few people come to my Relto to check it out. One friend has even agreed to play along as though he can't hear it, setting up my IC av to seem a little crazy. It's all good fun.

So, who are you, what are your KIs, what are your hoods, and what do you like to do in-game? Or do you not play MO:ULa, and if not, why not?